Welcome to Saint Nicholas Ecumenical Church, where we celebrate the diverse beauty of the Christian faith. Our church is nondenominational, embracing various styles of worship that reflect the rich tapestry of our spiritual journey. Join us in cultivating a loving community that values unity above all else. With open hearts and open minds, we invite you to explore your faith, find solace in our inclusive sanctuary, and connect with fellow believers on this sacred path. Let us come together, united in our devotion to God, as we grow, learn, and worship as one family.

Being an “ecumenical church” means people of all denominations and nationalities are welcome to play a full and active part in the worship services and the ongoing life of the church. A communion service is held every two weeks with songs of praise and morning prayer services in between. Almost every week of the year tea, coffee and cakes are served after the service, allowing members and guests to meet and fellowship.

Due to the nature of the Camposol Urbanisation, there is often a high number of Guests attend especially throughout the summer period and this makes for a very varied, enthusiastic and interesting fellowship time during and after the service.

The church is fully registered with the Spanish authorities in Madrid and is overseen by a fully elected church council. Lots of information on the churches website of services and activities or, contact Bill Coyle and his assistant Maureen on the numbers below.

Bill Coyle, is Minister in Charge of St Nicholas and heads the Church Council. Bill is ex military and is available for help and advice if required.


  • Reverend Bill Coyle: 634 143 260.
  • Reverend Maureen Kent: 636 099 579.
  • St Nicholas Ecumenical Church, Calle Sobrija, Camposol.