Helping You Grow Your Faith

We believe that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

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Sunday is the best day of the week

Service at 2248 Calle Sobrija D20 Camposol every Sunday

11:00hrs to 12:00hr

 June 2024

30th                Songs of Praise.       

All welcome!  Tea, Coffee and cakes served after the service.

Our house group is a fantastic place to grow your faith. 

Join us and learn.

The group is currently meeting at the church on a Wednesday, every two weeks at 2pm. The next meeting is the 29th November.

We are currently studying the 10 Commandments presented by Canon J John.

God revealed the framework for life as it should be – simple statements for life that provide the foundations of our values and principles called the Ten Commandments. Sadly, society has moved from these absolute truths. How can we reclaim these timeless truths and apply them in our world today?

Get Involved

Whether you have a deep long-term faith or whether you’re looking to discover Christianity,  we are here to help, however we can.  Simply come along on a Sunday morning and talk to any of us, we’ll make you at home.

Pop in for a Coffee

Come along and enjoy a coffee (or cup of tea), and yes, a cake too, and meet others in a relaxed environment.

If you´re new to the region, it´s a super opportunity to get to know the local residents in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Faith, Hope, Love, of these three, the greatest is Love.

Corinthians 13, v13

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